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Album Foil Deer by Speedy Ortiz (2015)
Although I enjoyed 'Foil Deer' and lost myself in it a few times, I'm not sure if there are enough hooks to elevate its status beyond the lo-fi genre norm, but we'll see over time. The distorted guitars are great, but there were no individual tracks that merited immediate repeat play except for 'Puffer' perhaps. Saying that, I didn't hit skip a single time and listened to the whole album A-Z, which couldn't be said for the previous two 2015 albums which failed to graze through my subconscious like a ruminating cow. It's a YES for now. (Richard)  
Album Jenny Death by Death Grips (2015)
Not the sort of thing for a portly middle-aged man to be listening to, unless of course you very much enjoy it, and then it's very satisfying in all the right ways, just like sticking needles in your ears and waiting for them to transect your brain in that pleasurable way, just like picking off a scab when it's not quite ripe. Smashing your head into mirrors in the USA sounds like a fine idea, and although not the greatest song, it's a good introduction to the aggressive hip-hop vocals accompanied, on the better tracks, by some excellent guitar work and instrumentation. It's pretty harsh but still a good record, even though I haven't really got time or patience to make this one of my faves at the present time, even though I'm reminded of a strange, very pale looking youth on the tube, beady-glaring eyes, slightly frothing lips and the slight expression of I might be a WANKER written across his face, who very almost moves his head a millimetre here and there to the intense rhythms of this electrifying LP, and don't you just love that album cover? Some sort of fluorescent Marilyn Monroe apparition. (Richard)  
Album Asunder, Sweet and Other Distress by Godspeed You! Black Emperor (2015)
Really rewarding and refreshing. Normally I would expect an album of this nature to be hard work and require repeated listens to get into, but instead it's an instantly accessible album with really pleasurable moments. It just goes to show that an instrumental album doesn't need to be fuck-fuck-hate to get its point across, but instead can be uplifting AND intense at the same time. I also assumed that this was an album that 'needed' to be listened to in 2015 from a music-buff perspective, for various reasons, but wouldn't go on repeat or even get a second listen. Scrub that, it's going on repeat right now. I also get the feeling that these guys couldn't give a sheep's piss if the album sells or gets widely listened to, as long as their core fan-base is happy and it gives them a chance to continue doing what they do, indefinitely. The final track at 13:50 is absolutely epic and emphasises how much these guys need to go on making music, just to please themselves. I feel privileged to be a witness to this music in 2015. (Richard)  
Album No Pier Pressure by Brian Wilson (2015)
Uncut gave it an 8 out of 10. (dwight)  
Album Carrie & Lowell by Sufjan Stevens (2015)
To say that I love this album, already, would be an understatement. The proof is in the pudding, and if you play an album by listening to the first two, three, or more tracks, several times, that's testament to how good it is or can be. It gets a little thin as it draws on because it's not the most varied recording in the world, but the surface beauty is enough to draw you in and hopefully explore what's there over the long-term. The saddest thing about this album is understanding how alone you are in contemplating its beauty - a wider message disseminated by Sufjan Stevens that somehow feels like a private message between you and God. I'm so pleased that SJ got back to his simplistic roots on this. I'm also very pleased to see a 'Christian' album make such headway in the music industry, i.e. the same Christianity that usually doesn't come across very well because of its lack of bite and repetitiveness. Here SJ nails it by lightly touching on religion as an integral part of his message about life, how he feels on earth and ultimately, on death. It's so subtle, yet so powerful, without thrusting its message down our throats. (Richard)  
Album No Pier Pressure by Brian Wilson (2015)
Admittedly, just because PopMatters (for example) rates this album 2/10 doesn't mean it's a pile of shit, but it does question the need for yet another release from Brian Wilson in one of his guises. At the very least 40 years past his peak, and very close to 50. At the end of the day, Dwight and other sparsely logged-in visitors can vote for whatever they choose, but I'm giving it a thumbs down. (Richard)  
Album No Pier Pressure by Brian Wilson (2015)
The cover of Pet Sounds was also pretty corny--That doesn't mean there isn't good music on the disc.  (dwight)  
Album No Pier Pressure by Brian Wilson (2015)
Thanks Dwight, for the upload and the votes! But can you get any more cornier than 'Pier Pressure', with shots taken under a pier? Another Brian Wilson album graces our tables, oh lucky-lucky us! (Richard)  
Track The Scene Between by Go! Team from The Scene Between (2015) 
The bubble-gum infectiousness and lo-fi production qualities of the album are not necessarily a good thing, but the eponymous title track deserves your attention. (Richard)  
Track Vamos A La Playa by Righeira from Righeira (1983) 
"Let's Go To The Beach" was a big hit in continental Europe for the 'Righeira' brothers, especially in Holland, I believe... although you might find it a little more difficult to come by in more discerning parts of the world such as the US or UK. It's quite catchy, but in all honesty, very cheesy pop with an even worse video. The album has songs in Spanish, Italian and even German, which is all over the place. Not only that, the cover of the single is one of VinylSurrender's 'Worst Album Covers of All-Time' - go there for the full article, somewhere near the bottom. (Richard)