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Album MG by Martin Gore (2015)
I guess when I heard about a new Martin Gore album I was expecting an instrumental 'New Life' or 'Tora, Tora, Tora' rendition, an upbeat version of everything that I once loved about Depeche Mode many, many moons ago, instead of this downbeat futuristic Mercerism environment, strapped to an empathy box and slowly trudging up an endless hill in the hope of reaching the conceivable but never reachable summit, dodging imaginarily-flung rocks. For all it's pointlessness, there's definitely a great deal of hope across the electronic landscape painted by MG, albeit expressed in a languidly accurate fashion, as though the slow 1000 mile march to fight the oncoming hoarde does have a real hope of victory. A tangible hope and clear vision in a cleanly produced and very vivid electronic landscape. Imagine a barren alien plain devoid of water or macrophytes, littered with craters and constant barrages of sound and artificial light. A lot of human thought and warmth has gone into this man-machine music, but what impressed me the most is that MG didn't use this opportunity to indulge in a techno-fest from the past, but very much acts his age albeit with the mental outlook of a modded cyborg. A call to the collective for armed assistance, which was just a tiddly bit disappointing that the final battle didn't deeply rage in a Vangelis sort of crescendo, which would have been simply awesome. /// On a final note, trying to pick a best song from this album would be like plucking a star out of the sky and saying this is the prettiest one. Don't they all look pretty, and how would you know? (Richard)  
Album Multi-Love by Unknown Mortal Orchestra (2015)
The transition from serious psychedelia to upbeat pop-psychedelia is a surprise, hardly being psychedelic at all except for the rather trashily antiquated production values. As for the music, imagine a rather more meaty but no-less unpleasant Phoenix with a very positive, summery and upbeat feel. A very accessible album, and if you take a single track and repeat it a second or third time before listening to the rest of album for the first time, you know you're onto a good thing, even if it's just that one song you that come back to at a later date. This was initially the case with track 3. 'Ur Life One Night', which is where the album really gets going, but on later listens you notice the ensuing tracks such as the equally Phoenix-esque 'Can't Keep Checking My Phone', expressing itself in an exuberant ph-oo-oo-one sort of way. In fact, the whole album is excellent all the way through. I had a feeling the album was going to be good, but somehow deep and dark, instead of this very enjoyable surprise that's getting repeated plays. (Richard)  
Album Sometimes I Sit and Think, and Sometimes I Just Sit by Courtney Barnett (2015)
A lot of initial positives can be taken from Courtney Barnett's début album: it's indie, and not yet another fashionable folk album; and Courtney comes from Australia instead of the USA or UK. The 90's indie vibe is refreshing too, perhaps in a sort of Elastica, Drugstore or Michelle Shocked sort of way. I can hear similarities to more contemporary artists too such as Angel Olsen and Giant Drag. There's even some Jimi Hendrix guitar excursions in the epic 4th track 'Small Poppies', running at a semi-grandiose 7:00 minutes, but without the Janis Joplin histrionics (so far). There's even a bit of Lou Reed on track no.7 'Dead Fox', like something from the amazing 'Transformer' album, and Oh! how my sad life would be even sadder without that marvellous recording in it. /// A calm and assured release which has taken about three years of planning to get this far, to marvellous, quite excellent effect. /// Some time later... every so often you come back to an album for some inexplicable reason because there's something nagging at you about it, perhaps a hook or a curious new sound that you haven't processed yet in your mind. I'm not sure what that is, but the variety on offer is terrific as CB expresses something that other female soloists don't seem able to project so individually. Her style is unique and there's a lot personality in her music, with some really imaginative ideas and out-there moments. The tunes are mostly really original and good too, but I still can't imagine anyone consciously saying "I'm into Courtney Barnett", but on the other hand, I couldn't imagine anyone saying I'm into Waxahatchee or Lady Lamb The Beekeeper either, as examples. Her music is so quirky yet narrative, interesting, imaginative, colourful and intelligent, but also a little jokey and slightly uncool in a similar way to the sometimes boisterously annoying music of Tune-Yards. If you're looking for any weak links on this album though, or a way of shooting CB down, forget it. It's a consistently very, very good album, and I guess this is what Lily Allen would do if you she went rock/indie instead of outputting rubbish mainstream pop. (Richard)  
Artist Bay City Rollers
Quite a good name for a band, but utter-utter crap music. (Richard)  
Track Shang-a-Lang by Bay City Rollers from Rollin' (1974) 
How dare you insinuate that I'm a fan of this track in all its utter school-girly rubbishness, but it was a hit for BCR, so it gets a vote from me. (Richard)  
Album Damogen Furies by Squarepusher (2015)
Squarepusher returns with this fabulously titled album with even more fabulously titled track names. If you're looking for bonkers, welcome to the world of Tom Jenkinson. Saying that, this is pretty accessible for a Squarepusher album considering his past material has been the electronic equivalent of abstractly insane. Insanity doesn't necessarily mean lack of enjoyability though if your brain is able to work at the same speed as Squarepusher's. Keys and beats and key presses at manic crazy insect-reaction speed, there's so much going on, but any attempts to dance may result in epileptic body-popping because it's not that sort of music. Its hectic-ness requires your attention and not your dance-floor moves unless you're looking to shed about 20 kilos in 10 minutes through rapid convulsions and intricate spasms. Back to earth; will this album be featuring on any best of 2015 lists? Maybe not. Is it worth listening to again? Probably not, but we'll see in due course. Is it enjoyable? Yes, in a wildly vector-graphic sort of way, a bit like completing 20 waves of Space Invaders in about 3 seconds, shattering your mind and scattering it in endlessly broken jigsaw puzzle pieces around the universe. (Richard)  
Album Edge of The Sun by Calexico (2015)
Calexico have been around for about 20 years and have released at least a dozen albums, plus half a dozen live albums, begging the question - why bother with releases like this if you prefer discovering new music by new artists? No matter how tempting it may be, overlooking Calexico in 2015 could be a big mistake. OK, so there's nothing particularly new or original on offer but it's still very enjoyable with its relaxed mood and lovely country twinges - pedal/steel guitars and violins, plus the welcome touch of some interesting female backing vocals in other places and, best of all, the Tejano cross-over tracks in Spanish such as 'Cumbia de Donde' and 'Coyoacan', because we all deserve a parping Mexican trumpet in our lives from time to time. Calexico have produced a very enjoyable listen which shouldn't really work, but really does the deeper you go into the album, so just bear with it and see how its charms unfold. At the very least it will suffice for two or three enjoyable listens for your fragile soul in need of extra warmth and encouragement. Positively epic and sweeping in places, almost grandiose and cosmopolitan in others. Calexico have made themselves current again in 2015. (Richard)  
Album Foil Deer by Speedy Ortiz (2015)
Although I enjoyed 'Foil Deer' and lost myself in it a few times, I'm not sure if there are enough hooks to elevate its status beyond the lo-fi genre norm, but we'll see over time. The distorted guitars are great, but there were no individual tracks that merited immediate repeat play except for 'Puffer' perhaps. Saying that, I didn't hit skip a single time and listened to the whole album A-Z, which couldn't be said for the previous two 2015 albums which failed to graze through my subconscious like a ruminating cow. It's a YES for now. (Richard)  
Album Jenny Death by Death Grips (2015)
Not the sort of thing for a portly middle-aged man to be listening to, unless of course you very much enjoy it, and then it's very satisfying in all the right ways, just like sticking needles in your ears and waiting for them to transect your brain in that pleasurable way, just like picking off a scab when it's not quite ripe. Smashing your head into mirrors in the USA sounds like a fine idea, and although not the greatest song, it's a good introduction to the aggressive hip-hop vocals accompanied, on the better tracks, by some excellent guitar work and instrumentation. It's pretty harsh but still a good record, even though I haven't really got time or patience to make this one of my faves at the present time, even though I'm reminded of a strange, very pale looking youth on the tube, beady-glaring eyes, slightly frothing lips and the slight expression of I might be a WANKER written across his face, who very almost moves his head a millimetre here and there to the intense rhythms of this electrifying LP, and don't you just love that album cover? Some sort of fluorescent Marilyn Monroe apparition. (Richard)  
Album Asunder, Sweet and Other Distress by Godspeed You! Black Emperor (2015)
Really rewarding and refreshing. Normally I would expect an album of this nature to be hard work and require repeated listens to get into, but instead it's an instantly accessible album with really pleasurable moments. It just goes to show that an instrumental album doesn't need to be fuck-fuck-hate to get its point across, but instead can be uplifting AND intense at the same time. I also assumed that this was an album that 'needed' to be listened to in 2015 from a music-buff perspective, for various reasons, but wouldn't go on repeat or even get a second listen. Scrub that, it's going on repeat right now. I also get the feeling that these guys couldn't give a sheep's piss if the album sells or gets widely listened to, as long as their core fan-base is happy and it gives them a chance to continue doing what they do, indefinitely. The final track at 13:50 is absolutely epic and emphasises how much these guys need to go on making music, just to please themselves. I feel privileged to be a witness to this music in 2015. (Richard)